Updating the website of "printing House" industry of color"

We are glad to welcome You to the new website of our printing house.

The new site is made as interactive and open as possible - all the functionality is built in such a way that you can quickly get an idea of our capabilities and our approach to work.

On our website you can find information about full-color printing on different types of cardboard, how the process of making a cardboard box with an individual design according to the size and requirements of the customer is carried out.

During the development process, the simplest and most additive types of material presentation were found for the most comfortable perception of information. The following ideas were taken into account during development:

1. The minimum text information.

2. The most transparent description of interaction with the printing house.

3. Easy communication and access to contacts (all phone numbers and email addresses on the site are "understood" by mail clients and mobile phones).

4. Utility. The information provided on the site should be useful not only in the context of current Work with the printing house "industry of color", as a contractor, but also for any customer who deals with complex cardboard boxes and full-color printing.

Work on the site has not been completed yet, stay tuned.

Site update
Modern site
The site is built on the basis of the latest technologies and trends of the Internet to fully meet the requirements of the time
The current version of the site is not a point in its development. The site will expand and improve - the social aspects of the site will develop