The system of quality management - our quality management tool. Quality management system for compliance with requirements ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015 implemented and successfully functioning at the enterprise since 2016.

The purpose of implementing and developing the QMS is to build a management system in the Company that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

The printing house "industry of color" conducts internal audits of the QMS and is open for audits by Customers. The evidence of positive results of the conducted audits is the signed contracts with such customers as AVON-Russia, SPLAT-Cosmetics, Fesprodukt" (ТМ "McCoffee"), "Api-San" (veterinary medicines), "Mill plant".

Company certificates

Quality coverage of our printing house

Our company's mission is to be a reliable part of our Customer, providing them with high-quality and high-tech products just in time.
Process management
The company implements a management system based on the application of a process approach, based on modern principles of quality management. We use modern business modeling information systems to manage lifecycle processes, resource processes, and management processes.
We carry out a systematic assessment of our activities using modern methods and tools for collecting, processing and analyzing information to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.
In its activities, the Company strives to evaluate all available opportunities in order to ensure its sustainable and successful development of itself and its Customers.
Resource management
In its activities, the Company applies modern methods of managing social and industrial and technical resources in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes implemented.
Leadership AND responsibility of SENIOR MANAGEMENT
Management at all levels of the company ensures unity of purpose, direction of activity and creates conditions in which employees successfully interact to achieve the company's overall goals in the field of quality.
The company strives for continuous development and improvement of its activities using advanced information technologies, modern production equipment and developing the professional level of its employees.